Penumatic Compression Therapy
Byron Bay & Ballina

We are now offering compression therapy at Retrain Health.


With this therapy, we are using a multi-chamber air compression device that has been fitted around the limbs prior to treatment. The air compression device helps to reduce muscle soreness, swelling, assist in lymphatic flow, and improve circulation as it massages the arms and the legs (Zaleska & Olszewski, 2019).


Compression therapy has proven to be clinically effective for patients with lymphatic issues. In a recent study by Desai and Shao (2020), a group of 128 patients were treated for lymphedema (secondary to other conditions). The outcome of regular therapy led to a decrease in body mass index, a 28% decrease in limb volume, positive skin changes, reduced pain and an increased quality of life (Blumberg et al. 2016).


Compression therapy can also be an effective tool for sport-recovery, either prior to exercise, during a half-time break, or after exercise. It is particularly helpful straight after exercise as it assists in the recovering process of flushing toxins from the lymphatic system that causes delayed onset muscle soreness (Winke & Williamson, 2018).


We are using industry best, digitally controlled, air pressure system providing compression massage. The cuffs have got multiple chambers that can compress in customised succession. The system increases blood flow through the muscles similar to the effects of a professional massage.

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